One winter afternoon, you asked me to go swimming.

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One winter afternoon, you asked me to go swimming.

One winter afternoon, Qian Zhengni drowned in the clear water ripple. The yellow lamplight on the shore was shivering, unable to speak. The police took him away.

Back to the beginning, just a year ago, many cigarette butts appeared in the bicycle shed every day. Yellow Lantern and Qian Zhengni, they just rubbed shoulders. At that time, Qian Zhengni was just a name in the mind of Huang Lantern, representing a kind of filth that circulated among the boys.

After the bell rang, I awoke from my doze, my head poking out of the ring of my arms and instantly entering the wraith of the crowd, my hearing slowly returning only after a long flight of stairs. By this time, the bell for recess had stopped, silence fell around me, and I stood in the middle of a line. Drowsy, my head dropped down, lower and lower at a time, and after reaching an extreme point, my body shuddered.

I held the trumpet in my right hand, my left hand scrunched up in my sleeve. When I looked up, there was a large lawn in front of me, and my classmates stood in their demarcated grade level positions. I scanned from left to right, wishing my eyes would zoom in and out, and vaguely heard someone speaking on my left, the echoes rolling in, and I immediately changed direction to the left, moving as if with a bounce. The principal's face on the commanding officer's platform looked mysterious after being overexposed to the sun, yet the disciplinary action he read next made my inner desires physically manifest.

Senior High School's Jonnie Qian runs away from home, worrying the school and her parents, and it's finally discovered that she's staying at the home of a socially awkward older brother. They had sex. This line was told by a boy standing next to me who was in charge of the drum part.

The story was too late to visualize, so the principal said that the flag-raising ceremony would now begin, and I picked up my trumpet and played. In the early spring I was heavily clothed, moving with static electricity and a spark in my heart. The drum and bugle corps line was arranged in a dotted line, leaving me so alone with a feeling of depression. The sun slanted in, splitting me in half, and that division slanted in as well.

  • 钱正妮在清澈的水波中溺亡,被叙述者目睹。
  • 黄灯笼和钱正妮一年前相遇过。
  • 叙述者从打盹中醒来,加入人群休息。
  • 叙述者拿着小号观察同学们站在他们的位置上。
  • 校长宣布乔尼·钱离家出走并与一个哥哥发生了性关系。
  • 升旗仪式开始,叙述者吹奏小号。
  • 叙述者感到孤独和沮丧,被倾斜的阳光分成两半。

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@uqinzen #1 我是用中文写的,然后机翻成这个。

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