<An Extraordinary Window> | Shimmer Green

By 00莫诺格 at 2022-07-02 16:54 • 242次点击

For you
It's just an uncommon window
I put down my cup of tea
And looked at you carefully
Saying: It's a magical window
It has its own inner magic
You take my hand
Slowly approaching the window
As if listening to the will of God
You looked and looked
Saying there's nothing special
Silence. You made me another cup of black tea
This time, in addition to black tea
You also brought biscuits
I followed your example
I broke the cookies
With the black tea
A delicious flavour
It creeps into my mouth
Once again I put down my cup of tea
Walking towards the window
You extend your two long arms from behind
Wrapped around me
I say:
From here
You can see
The whole of human civilization
And farther into the stars
It's something as deep as the universe
Something as deep and profound
Standing here
I just feel
I feel so small, humble, ridiculous
And not worth mentioning
Than those things that are deep and truly eternal
I and you
What are we?
You don't say a word
Listen to me quietly
And then come around in front of me
Lower your head
But then deeply
kissed me


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