<Running away>|Shimmer Green

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You said that the faster the time is
the slower it has to be
So that it's not a waste of time
I don't say a word
Hiding in time's abandoned
Deep in the wilderness

Countless portraits of you
Or images
Come to me
In the ruins of memory
I see
You, standing in front of a huge
wall in front of which you painted graffiti
It was a restless
summer afternoon
Not far away from it
was the American Statue of Liberty

"I want to find..."
That was the first sentence you wrote
You copied the complete "Hundred Family Names
From late afternoon to dusk
This poem took four hours to write
Or rather four hours of
A performance art
A clear way to end

Before the thunder rolls down
Just want to pull you
And run as fast as I can
In the wilderness of time
Once again
Back to the place you know best
And truly free
The meadow

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