<Snow Disaster in Texas>|Shimmer Green

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48 hours of silence
Half of the time
The Pacific is still asleep
Texas, this distant name
Just experienced a snow disaster
Snow silently buried 76 bones
Maybe more
Millions of Texans are said to have power and water cuts
Electricity bills in Texas have soared 200 times than before
Some people even received a $16,000 electricity bill

A sudden snow disaster
Let the whole Texas fall apart
Mute all words
Not just people
And standing guard in the distance

He bowed his head in thought
Standing in a frozen wasteland in Texas
The straw hat on top of the head is as slanted as a smile
Suffocate us with the steady wind

The cat spinning around in front of mine
Creeping from day to night
In order to
Jump on the back of the moon
Only awaiting the captain's order
It rides the wind and waves
Drive with me to Texas for rescue

——Written on 8th March , 2021

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