UQn: A Strong connection between writers

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UQn: A Strong connection between writers

Writing is without doubt a social act. You write to connect with other people, one important part of building this connection is to let others read your work. If your work can never be seen by others, the connection between readers and writers will be forsaken and writers would lose their motivations to write.

A consensus is possible only when there is a connection. Consensus generates values. In other words, writing requires connections which leads up to a consensus. Through this consensus, your writing has its own meanings and values.

We show our writing to the world to build connections. For that, mediums are necessary for the dissemination of our writing. We pursue effective mediums to reach a wider audience. The traditionally effective mediums are highly centralized. So, the more authoritative they are, the more effective they are. In the old days, the more famous and the larger the circulation of the medium in which you publish your work on is, the more value your work generates.

Then the disadvantages of centralized medium become increasingly prominent due to the fragmentation of mediums resulted from the societal and technological advancements, especially from the development of the internet. People post on formidable sites, formidable forums, tiny forums, blogs and all kinds of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Instagram, to name a few. As time progresses, we tend to choose our own distributed media to publish our work.

As people post their work on the internet scatteredly, the communication efficacy decreases which inevitably diminishes the consensus. With diminishing consensus there comes a drop in the values of the writers’ work. To tackle this, we need to find ways to strengthen the connection after distribution on medium. Distributed mediums try to engage readers with the content by using interactive methods on their platforms, such as liking, retweeting and so on. However, these methods fail to strengthen the weakening connection between readers and writers.

The emergence of blockchain technology could help to change this situation as UQn (Poetic currency) is the first blockchain token that is primarily targeted for writers (creators). No matter which medium you publish your work on, you can receive UQn by anyone with UQn if you attach your UQn address in your creative work. This seemingly simple process contains a lot of information and it leads to an unprecedentedly stronger connection. Hence, the value of your writing increase unprecedentedly.

Let's look at what information is included in sending UQn:

A, a new value assessment method. If a person who owns UQn sees a piece of work and decides to send UQn to the creator as a token of appreciation. To do that, that person must evaluate the work independently as in, how much UQn should I send to the work or its creator? As the value of UQn is entirely new and decentralized, consequently, using UQn to assess the value of a piece of work is also entirely new and decentralized. Therefore, it differs from previous value assessment systems and norms.

B, Anonymity. Both the sender and the receiver can go completely anonymous. When you publish a piece of work in the old days, you must use your real name or a moniker. Moreover, you need to protect your authorship at all costs as your real name or moniker is a necessary condition for value connection as the benefit reaped by the creators or the copyright owner is generated by the name or moniker of the creator.

Your creation is both unique and protected with your UQn address. You or the owner of your UQn key reap the value of your work through the UQn address directly.
The anonymity of both sides makes it possible to avoid or reduce the interference of factors outside of the work itself, and the process is more independent, free, equal, and specialized.

C, Concrete, and complex value connections. The nature of giving out UQn as a token of appreciation is actually a transaction, the creator provides the aesthetic value of the work and the tipper pays the currency. UQn, as a blockchain token is in itself a currency and the value of UQn is unstable as it relies on consensus. The consensus of UQn and using UQn to assess the value of creative work are mutually reinforcing. However, due to economic factors, the situation may be extremely complicated.

D, Effectiveness that transcends time and space. Clearly, if UQn address is attached to a piece of work, anyone, regardless of the location and the era that they are living in, they can tip the creator with UQn. Even if the creator is buried six feet under for more than 10 thousand years. Even if an alien is the first ‘person’ who read it, it can tip the work as much as it wants. The value of the work will accumulate endlessly and is solely belong to the creator or the UQn key owner. Theoretically, a creator may rely on a piece of work to get UQn as a token of appreciation from anyone in the universe indefinitely.

E, The expansion of soft value. The value of literary and artistic work is manifested in its so-called ‘soft value’, which is unrelated to supply and demand. A person’s thought belongs to a quantum phenomenon which is basically random. As the period and location of assessment extend indefinitely, so, the randomly generated value also expands.


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